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Mobile Processing |  Desenvolvimento de  aplicções para telemóvel -  Francis Li
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Mobile Processing

Francis Li


Manny Tan

Golan levin

Zach Lieberman


Marius Watz

Ben Fry

Casey Reas


About Processing

Processing is a tool developed for designers and artists to learn about and experiment with
computational form in a visual context. A simplified but powerful programming language built on
top of Java allows easy sketching with software processes, while the simple user interface hides the complexities of setting up and compiling code.

Initiated by Benjamin Fry
] and Casey Reas
[], Processing
is an open project that evolved
from ideas explored in the Aesthetics and Computation
Group at the MIT Media Lab

Examples in

About Mobile Processing


Mobile Processing was created
in September 2005 and is an open source programming language for the development of mobile applications. These apps run on handsets with Java.
Examples in

We believe this language brings a new dynamic in the way we see graphic activity in mobiles as well as opens up new paths for interactivity.

About Francis Li
San Francisco, USA, Author of Mobile Processing

He is an interaction designer and software engineer with a passion
for working with emerging technologies.
In both academia and industry,
for both research and production, has participated in the design, development, and evaluation of interactive systems with a focus
on user interface design and human-computer interaction.
Has a Masters in Interaction
Design from the Interaction
Design Institute Ivrea and a B.A. and M.S. in Computer Science
from the University of California, Berkeley.

The Workshop

The mobile phone has reached a level of adoption that far exceeds that of the personal computer.
As a result, they are an emerging platform for new services and applications that have the
potential to change the way we
live and communicate. Mobile Processing is an open source
project that aims to drive this innovation by increasing the audience of potential designers
and developers through a free,
open source prototyping tool
based on Processing and the open sharing of ideas and information. This workshop will introduce the Mobile Processing project and prototyping tool and provide
hands-on instruction and experience with programming custom applications for the
mobile phone.


- Introduction to Mobile Processing, phone hardware and development platforms. 
Survey of projects with the
phone as both the platform and subject for new forms of
interactive applications and electronic art.

. Basic programming and prototyping concepts with 2D graphics and animation.

- Phone input/output handling including keyboard, camera,
sound and vibration.

- Internet networking. Parsing
and generating XML-formatted data.

- Text messaging and Bluetooth networking.

The workshop will be practical
and at the end every participant will develop a personal exercise.

Participants will develop an application that can be loaded onto their own mobile as well as distributed online.

20 hours
5 sessions X 4 h
15 to 19 of May 06 – 18h-22h

Basic programming skills, familiarity with Processing recommended but not required.

Windows highly recommended,
but Mac OS X is acceptable, with built-in or USB Bluetooth adapters recommended. 
Mobile phones with support for
Java and Bluetooth recommended.
Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops.

The workshop will take place at Espaço Atmosferas, Rua da
Boavista, 67 (continuation of
Rua de São Paulo) in Lisbon, Portugal.

250 euros - 12,5/hour

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